Considering What Is Best For The Child During Divorce

If you and your spouse are at odds over child custody plans, you may need to view the issue from a new perspective. It's all too easy to forget the prime objective of all divorce parenting plans – to do what is best for the child, and that is not necessarily what is best for the parents. With that in mind, take a look at some thoughts on what the family court judge is looking for when it comes to making custody and visitation decisions. [Read More]

Wage Garnishment Laws 101

If you do not pay back a creditor, they may have the right to pursue a legal action known as wage garnishment to get the money they are owed. These forced payments are deducted directly from your paycheck, and they can be problematic for obvious reasons. Here are a few things you should know if you are facing wage garnishment.  How do wage garnishments vary by state? If you are subject to wage garnishment, it is best if you do take a moment to get familiar with the laws in your state because the laws can drastically affect things like how much money is allowed to be withheld. [Read More]

What Is Nuisance in Real Estate Law?

When you own a piece of property, you have certain legal rights to use it and enjoy it without the interference of others. If someone else's actions or lack of action prevents the exercise of those rights, that is what a real estate attorney would call a nuisance. Here are the basic issues everyone should know about nuisance in real estate law. The Significant Interference Standard Notably, it's not enough for a nuisance to be merely interfering. [Read More]

Understanding the Accident Police Report

When you are in a car accident, it is smart to call the police to cover it. You can receive a report that will discuss what happened in detail. A police report may not necessarily be used in your personal injury case, but it can help you and your attorney establish fault for the accident and help you determine who to file a claim against if you are injured. Read on to learn more about police reports. [Read More]